Saturday 13 August 2011

Genüßliche Gnostiker
& ihre Blutkotzenden Goten -
Ossis sind ja immer gleich

So another "monumental" anniversary: a Kennedy coin cents' worth of years since the god-awful Reds built The Wall (Roger Waters' mope came later).

But can you believe that a third of those ungrateful bastards still think it was a wise choice of construction? How dare they! And after all Kissin'ger Helmut done for 'em!

I mean, to think that they had the gall, then, to feel the need to protect themselves from fascists, when whatever Nazis the DoD hadn't already taken off their hands, the CDU integrated, allowing the Stasi to turn towards more pressing matters than developing their own Nazi rehabilitation program.

Now a tenth of those ingrates have the nerve to suggest that they aren't better off. Amazing how some forget that people were actually shot trying to flee the GDR. And did I mention the Stasi?

And not only that: First they didn't want the Deutschmark after reunification, now they aren't happy with the Euro. There's just no pleasing some people.

Maybe I'm getting worked up over nothing. Three years from now, when we're celebrating the Golden Jubilee of the Gulf of Tonkin1 incident, we'll just look back on this and laugh.

May the force be with you. Unless you're one of them.

1Not mentioned in the debate about how much better Vietnamese immigrants have integrated culturally into German society than their Turkish counterparts is the fact that the Vietnamese were the guest workers in the GDR, while West Germany took the Turks.

Reckless implication of that aside, maybe the Vietnamese are just more flexible: There are one-and-a-half million Vietnamese-Americans, which is the same number of the native variety killed during That 'Nam ThingyTM (nice to close with one of Freedom's Fun Facts).