Sunday 4 September 2011

₫-mar-kr-€-C$-¥, part 2
- in which I plead the case for more currency

If you truly believe that your vote counts, then increase your vote-count by 100% percent! If you think, as I do, that the non-voter should refrain from complaint, then double down on your bicker benefits ¡pronto!

I don't take my vote for granted, and neither should you. People have died for the right to vote and passing up this opportunity to purchase an extra ballot from someone like me - someone who without your guidance would probably just end up throwing my vote away - is akin to not voting at all. That will not stand!

As you can see from the display on the right, I have begun the process related to my offer. I decided to submit this registration semi ludditely, per email, as the "automated assistance" provided to fed-voters outside the confines (presumably to ease and speed the, um, submission process) prompted Firefox to warn me that the site in question could not be securely certified and, therefore, should not be trusted.

And after my too-trustingly forging ahead under the assumption that the feds would be the last to remain up-to-date on what it takes to avoid red flags regarding visits to their on-line offices, I got one last warning: "Seriöse Banken, Geschäfte und andere öffentliche Seiten werden Sie nicht bitten, Derartiges zu tun." which is a helluva, hootuva sentence that roughly translates: "Serious banks, businesses and other public sites [read: DOTguvs] would not ask you to do this sort of thing."

Message finally received (but I gotta laugh at the fact that naiveté applies either way).

But you know what's not naive? Voting. And you know what's half as naive as that? Voting twice!

The replies I've so-far received to my offer/campaign have not been serious. By that, I don't mean to say that the responses imply the belief that I am not serious. No. I mean that the amounts in the bids I have so-far received have not been serious. And that is good news for you who still wish to snatch our little ball of spinning dirt from the jowls of The DemocalypseTM, for it's entirely plausible that you'll be able to get your extra votes on the cheap!

Now a lot of folks would just put this offer up on CraigsBay and make mint gravy. But I am seriously interested in promoting YOUR brand of democracy. So please write me with your serious bids.

¡Primary and General Election sold separately.

*I take all bids seriously. It's just that I am hoping to cover the various costs of freedom.

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