Saturday 11 November 2017

'Twas forgot they'd come to mine magnetite.

These few words are to unweave how it came to pass that Krypton would be colonized by Earthly descendants whose sole determination in occupation was to maintain their mastery over Kryptonian slaves for the purpose of mining kryptonite to be used in the war back on Earth against the Superfolk who'd come to oppress the native Earthlings.

The humans who first told the tale of the Superman of Krypton originally defined his Achilles' heel as a radioactive debris that had resulted from the explosion of his home planet. This story would change frequently until it was eventually revealed that the material had arrived along with the first Superfolk in the form of a meteoroid shower whose source substance had been the result of an extraplanetary collision of some kind with Krypton, which had not destroyed the planet as previously posited.

The apparently debilitating effect the element had had on the Kryptonians turned out to be the result of the radiation from the Earth's Sun, insofar as it was established that the superhuman strength evident in the Superfolk on Earth was merely neutralized in the presence of this as well as many minerals from their planet. Whereas the radioactive effect the Sun had on kryptonite was not dissimilar to that from the Kryptonian Sun, it only caused them to ail on Earth.

As to his identity, the original Superman had concealed it indeed, but behind that of a propagandist, himself playing the part of a newspaper reporter. The superhuman power of the Superfolk would prove to be as absolutely corrupting as their power over humans was absolute. It only took a few generations for them to have entirely enslaved the human population.

Fortunately for the Earthling, they wrote a fantastic twist into their future. It began with the commandeering of a vehicle to the planet of their oppressor for the acquisition of the ore to subdue their superpowers on Earth. Once upon the surface of Krypton they made a pair of startling discoveries. First, it was more populated than postulated. More important, however, was that the extraordinary energy enjoyed by the Kryptonian on Earth amounted to no greater an advantage than that which the Earthling would have over the inhabitants on Krypton. This would be convenient toward the mining of their planet.