Wednesday 17 July 2019

Of the Lions

It stands to reason to my way of reasoning that an office filled from the smoke-filled room and traditionally inaccessible to the gender in question — as countless positions of authority have been since the inception of the age of democratic-republicanism — that any nominee brought in from the elevator behind the glass ceiling has been vetted sufficient to the untold, if not unspoken about, function of the office.

Moreover, given the reticence to have taken such the mother into consideration even, a latent refusal spanning the better half of a century that began with the continued denial of universal suffrage in the most inclusive of republics, bookended by more centuries of servitude and today's new wave of push-back brolitics, any woman to don ornaments previously preserved for a more patrilineal right of succession would have to be so conflicted of interest for the office's publicly purported purposes that it would make the oldest of boys blush, flush with envy.

And it's not as if Madam von der Leyen née Albrecht is she who has ascended to demonstrate this point. She does have her history and an adequate inspiration from which to draw. The auspices of the European Commission aside, the broader ceiling is shattered with the mold dictated by the how-low-can-you-go bottom line.