Wednesday 10 July 2019

Prompted or Impromptu

The thing that sold me on anarchist philosophy is the realisation that people living under the protective freedom of institutionalised governance are most comfortable with their far-too oft witting ability to outsource any semblance of responsible social behavior as it relates to helping someone in clear need of help to some governmental institution. To anyone who'd suggest I might be projecting here, I'd say heal thine own source of presumptuous discharges before you presume to know Mookie Diddly about me.

When I run across the opinion of real politic, it doesn't rile me up like it used to, hence not much by way of that here, at least not as much as in years past. I will note that I don't see much difference between looking the other way as it relates to one's fave administrator of the killing machine, mitigating as they tend to do around the edges, even if only in word not deed, and ripping off a paragraph in the comments section of some on-line rag to rag on the unrealistic do-gooders who think we oughta take in people rescued out of the Mediterranean. Now, I will grant you that I am not on the high seas pulling people out of the water. I have enormous respect for such people. They might be the most worthy of all of us. Long ago in a life less well spent I worked closely with one group of similarly minded rescuers. They know something others do not. They did not risk life and limb for others because they were enabled by the taxpayer, but in spite of that fact.

As to what prompted this first-thing-in-the-morning, gonna-be-late-fer-werk if-I-don't-finish-this-up: People pulling people out of the ocean as I type and you read are not only risking life & limb but also, literally, their freedom. We live in a world where, in spite of multi-institutional institutions like the EU, member states can imprison a rescue boat captain because she isn't setting course for the rule of law.

But I'm not helping those people and I am not convinced as to the effectiveness of donating moula to anything other than, maybe, the captain's Patreon. And even then...

Economics and social science are so so fluid that much of the world is drowning the falsifiability of their assumptions. With apologies to you history majors, the only reason this & the last century are said to be so much more peaceful is down to swapping a death and dying load of numbers around. But...

I'm okay and so are you. Do something for somebody... anybody tomorrow. Drop the Pangloss in your pants into someone else's pocket who least expects it.