Thursday 24 September 2020

It's when it's, it's not when it isn't.

In the all-in on the apexing either/or era, I dunno what irritates me more: employees engaging what should be their right to influence the product they're pedaling, but in the typically frivolous, problematic way, or the other wannabe arbiters of what we should think about everything reacting to it as if these same, who've turned out to have zero influence, should extract the would-be ominous, but very real patronizing "Beware people! These are the people that control what you see, what you hear, how we digest our information, and it scares the hell out of me."

Maybe of greater concern ought to be how our year in hindsight has got us shoving our noses so much further up the virtual ass of what's left of community that algorithms and Facebook villains who're coming for your democracy would only be as threatening as in the age of advertisements past if people didn't seek meaning in such bullshit.

I'm equally weary of slippery slope arguments that imply that it's always tomorrow that's the problem with the present.