Sunday 27 September 2020

The King Kǒng of Confusion

Trained in competing teleologies. That everything we have today is an improvement over the primitive way of the brutally barbaric past, and that the entire world and everything and everyone in it is spiralling out of our short-sighted selfish control, as if the only reasonable path is the muddling middling, mythological middle one, through which the responsible will navigate the treachery by super-rational check and ultra-sober balance. The drivers of this avenue take credit for the teleology of progressive improvement and point flowery fingers at the irresponsibility of wide berthing certain sources of misrepresentation.

And learning from history, as if one could elevate depictions as a mirror that displays the futures available and yet doesn't account for the discordant lessons learned. Honestly wonder if the constant promises of improvement or admonitions of dread that will result from present actions do not serve to deploy the present moment to a mission unknowable when one could rather use the present moment to make itself whole.

Truth's a trap set misshapen

Spin sed, donask, by hooym,
that you'll stay forever
to the neck as long
as you don't struggle
in the qhwik sand

Hwat they don telly u,
donask hoo they is,
is yer goan goin gawn
few don strugglta
memmer hwence ye came

Or gin stories run
a bout the few sure, Ann?
they all broke up!
Priddy well wager, you can,
you cantel they re bout u:
how yude sunk in, an'r sinkin

Trick stew keep you rice open
no matter how gritty the griddle gets
hwile holden yer breadth
(hwutcha gotta doo anyhoo)
an done for-

Spin ded, donask bye me
spare so shall medigated sharing
hwerts just unjust viable
but isit live and ifts real
pulls you by and reelsu in,
hold yer breadth, keep yer
senses clean no matter how
gritty the grid as you sink in
an of most import don't
forget hwence you came

And now, comin atcha
banned from the widths
is it yer one time won and own
Yever Gedditt & Theole Yang
1234 fu did'r uhad
priddy well wager this
betts on ya!
—R U Reddy