Sunday 18 April 2021

Rays of eastre passed

Ling goes own lee, as flowent asts blood lion wah durred wid why in. Rites rue main Latin, in tie dulled in lawk dowoon.  Wah chuh thuh pay per clip, tuh thend.
T 'ear the slight dissimilarly pronoun't verse's
In the how'll of thee Yank, say,
Its non dissimilarity to the owl of ye Scott may say
It, surrealtime earview inda how language begins.
Whether 'tis forced upon them as if given without condition, or given without condition as if forced upon them, or conduits in between, its use cannot be fully restricted. Restrictions always apply. 
Witted, suggested, a stunning similarity be
Tween a former life behind and a current one under
In the how of a small circle crafting collective
In the name of theirs for their owns.
A nun! Remarkable reaction to Comrade's avowed face
Of what'd been planned for the damned long
(further end of a week)
Vitamin some thing, witted, welcomed,
Added not come sowing certainly.