Sunday 18 April 2021

You're all so goddamn stupid.

I got a new theory that comports well with something inconveniently schleppy about my evolution of taste. I used to stave off my cognitive dissonance by imagining others, otherwise in line with my way of thinking, as fostering a substandard version of my own discriminating refinement. My new theory takes my superiority to a whole new level.
Now I've got a new bag containing an arguably more objective interpretation of events. Like the previous version, this will not admit to others' prescience over my myopia. Instead it recognizes that others damned us to an inevitable future.
Hold on. What the fuck are states for if not demarcations of illegality for some and not others? How is it that in our eagerness to form protective alliances we can't forgo the insistence upon borders to be erected and dissolved with the arbitrariness of trending self-importance?