Wednesday 24 July 2019

Deutschunterbricht: Soylent Green is Green!

This is an example of the political slope's greasing the pan I was talking about. Germany's former agricultural minister responds in an interview regarding the current office holder's having the public opinion-polled on the comparative value of various "nutritional value" logos on food packaging. Grenade fires an accusation of schleppy maneuvering at Cluckner. We're talked out on this topic and talk is cheap, she says. She wants something like a five-color de-grading scheme to inform the consumer about what they best and/or better not eat because, as she says, our food is making us sick.

I do look forward to a future where knowing shit about nutrition is so further devalued that "eating green" means shopping how you're trained to because of the trust placed in those who've continually collaborated to contract out that alleged knowledge. Maybe eating yellow will signify not being a robotic extremist, because you know how green eaters are, and red eaters will be as loud and proud as the greens in their ignorance-based ideology.

It's not as if you can't already observe the result of the traffic-lighting of the responsible citizen. Keep crossing on red long enough and you're sure to hear that it's more about what it says to our children than whether or not any cars are coming. Analogies are never perfect, but "look both ways" is "ingredients" and standing like a zombie and waiting for green is soylent green, the German title of which is roughly rendered in reverse ...Year 2022 ... Those Who Want to Survive  (… Jahr 2022 … die überleben wollen).

"What does the science say" will get shoved into the basket of goods. The terminology will get so economics-sized so that the corporate outcry regarding the costs to financial growth of having to meet certain standards and the kayfabing compromises that result from that wrestling match — conveniently evolved from one legislature period to the next — will mean the previous generation's nutritional details printed on packaging will be scientifically superior to the brain dead, color-coded seals of approval.

Maybe I'm just being a little chicken (that's a "yellow eater" for you confused by the allusion). I'm sure knowledge and educational information will always be available at a minimum via the FOIA or whatever its equivalent is in 2022.


What's the difference between streben and sterben? They're spelled enough alike that if you put one in the other's context, a number of native speakers wouldn't catch the error. Their pronunciations are more distinct:
streben [SHTRAY-bin] to strive
sterben [SHTAIR-bin] to die
What about those definitions, though? Is striving anything like thriving or is it a one way ticket to exhaustion and death? Is dying a simple giving out, or does the strive to survive in some who're faced with that certain, ultimate end connote a vitality unknown to the otherwise casual existence? Does the failure to strive lead more often more quickly to atrophy and the decay of the unliving? Is dying the most meaningful trying? How trying is dying?

Par for my course, I've veered off topic with that last one; so, class dismissed.